Executive coaching is designed to help facilitate professional and
personal development to the point of individual growth, improved
performance and contentment. Most important, the coach attempts to
stimulate the client’s self-discovery by posing powerful questions and/or
assigning homework that may take the form of “thought experiments”
with written product or “field experiments” which are actions to try in
the real world that may result in experiential learning and development
of new approaches to situations. We work with our clients to help
them achieve specific professional goals. These include career
transition, interpersonal and professional communication, performance
management, organizational effectiveness,managing career and
personal changes, developing executive presence, enhancingstrategic
thinking, dealing effectively with conflict, and building an effective team
within an organization.

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Life coaching draws upon a variety of tools and techniques from other
disciplines such as sociology, psychology, positive adult development
and career counseling with an aim towards helping people identify and
achieve personal goals. You might be an executive or the owner of a
successful small business looking to find balance between the demands
of work and the needs of your family. You might be an empty-nester
looking to make a difference in the lives of others but not sure which
direction to choose. Maybe it’s simply that you want your already great
relationship to be spectacular. Perhaps you are a musician, a writer, or
an artist looking for a creative breakthrough, or a doctoral candidate
looking for the perfect thesis. You might even be a twenty-something
techno whizentrepreneur with a brilliant idea for a product or service
that will change the world forever. Maybe you just want to figure out
how to have more fun. Whatever your circumstances, goals or dreams
might be, the bottom line is that your life is in transition. And you are
determined to make your life be what you want it to be! That’s where a
Professional Life Coach comes in: We will help you turn your dreams into

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In today’s fast moving and complex global world, coaching is
increasingly the vehicle by which it becomes possible to get incremental
performance out of top people. It’s like servicing a car. Top performance
results from properly focused attention and investment. Executive
and performance coaching is no longer just the preserve of those who
have a seat at the boardroom table or are in the echelons of senior
management. More and more companies are turning to coaching
to complement the overall development of the individual. After all,
it’s individuals that create excellence. This approach allows space
for conventional technical skill based training as well as a focus on
individual issues that enhance performance. And the payoffs are

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