Look’s familiar huh? It’s our economy! 95% of Americans are on the buy now pay later program. Is it our fault? Whos fault is it? The truth of the matter is that the American population is very uneducated when it comes to finances. We practice instant gratification every single day, and sadly enough, we live on a check to check system. We see something on TV, that something might cost $30,000.00, but all we need to know is, “How much does it cost per month?” Can we afford the monthly payment? Instant gratification tells us “WE DESERVE IT” If you ask me we don’t deserve what we don’t earn. Go earn your new truck! Go earn your new car! Go PRACTICE DELAYED GRATIFICATION!!! There are three keys to wealth, ask any millionaire and they will agree 100%.
1. Long-term Vision, 2. DELAYED GRATIFICATION, 3. Power of Compounding. Let’s talk about the power of compounding. When you have the power of compounding working in your favor you are on the track to the millionaire lifestyle. When you have the power of compounding working against you “compound interest” you are in major financial trouble. It might not seem too bad at first, but as it compounds over time, and by the time you realize it BAAMM!!!! It’s too LATE!!! You have just dug yourself into the biggest financial crisis Americans are facing on a daily basis. Trust me! If you are in the hole, START DIGGING YOUR WAY OUT!!! If you are still above ground STAY THERE!!! America has a long bumpy road ahead, and the more debt our country is in, the worse of you will be by owning some of that debt. People don’t realize how bad it really is out there, its going to get worse before it gets better so START WITH YOU!!!


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