Who has unaverage dreams

Have you ever heard these words- dream, struggle, victory?

I remember the first time I heard this in 2008 at a leadership convention
in Green Bay, WI. I was broke, busted and broken. I had actually never
had big dreams for my life I was just trying to find a way out of the hole
I was stuck in. I was living the struggle and had been for years.

Who would’ve known that it would be the dream that would actually
save my life.

We’ve all heard the saying “Bottom of the barrel” or “Rock Bottom” well
there was a hole in the bottom of my barrel it must of rusted out or
something cause I went right threw the bottom. This is where I was
between 2002 and 2008 I lived through 6 years of absolute hell.
There were times I contemplated suicide, drugs and alcohol controlled
my life, and I simply didn’t care to live anymore and just wanted it all to
be over. In 2008 it all started to change…

See my story video for detailed explanation on the shift that occurred
in my life.

To make a long story short I fell in with a leadership development
company in 2008 and started my journey into the world of business.

After 10 months of leadership application and learning how to leverage
systems I started designing my life as an entrepreneur. I’ve accomplished
quite a bit since then. I have become successful in multiple companies
and have had the privilege to serve on many company advisory boards,
I’ve grown as an International trainer, and have played key roles in
helping companies grow from small to big.

My business background consists of Leadership Systems,
Community Development, Industry Analysis, Online Marketing,
Executive-Individual-Corporate Coaching, and Motivational Speaking.

I have also developed a very unique skill-set when it comes to putting
companies in positions to capitalize on future innovations and have
done very well for myself as a strategic consultant. I am also a proud
father of 2 amazing boys, a loving husband, and love my family more
than anything in the world. I enjoy reading, golfing, boating, water skiing,
fishing, snowmobiling, and really “anything extreme”.

“If you’re not taking risks in life
then you truly aren’t living.’’

Sooo… Now it’s my time to do something I’ve never done before.
It is time to take my life to the Next Level to fulfill my commitment
to building and developing people because it has been my mission
and strongest passion that I will stay committed to forever. The Social
Entrepreneur Movement My biggest goal of all is to help millions of
people reach significance in their lives and with how fast information
travels I truly believe that I have the ability to now impact millions of
lives with a few clicks of a button… So, everything I will do moving
forward will be to fulfill this mission, I hope you enjoy the journey!

Cory Kromray


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