The Impossible Dream Is The Right Size…

It’s sad how 95% of our population will never live their dreams. Why? Well let’s think for a moment. Is it safe to say that we are living a life of our obligations vs. a life of our priorities? Looking at the 45 Year Plan published by the U.S. Department of Labor. It says that 95% of Americans will enter the work force between the ages of 18-22 and will head off into their professions, (Corporate America). Incomes will begin to increase until they flatline at the top of their pay-scale between the ages of 30-35. From this time forward the average increase in wage will be between 2-3%. Then we travel on out to the age of 65 when they say we can retire on 1/2 to 1/3 of the income we were making in our prime years. What a JOKE!!! Think about it. The cost of living is on a rapid rise of 10-12% per year. Let’s say that you are getting a 3% increase in your income every year, and the C.O.L. is only going up 10%. We’re still losing a minimal 7% buying power every year, and then they are going to cut our income in half when we retire? Then to top that off, the Baby-Boomers are going to be retiring within the next 20 years. That population bubble alone is made up of 75-80 million people. If you combine generation Y, generation X, and the generation under 20, that only makes up 25 million. It will be impossible to pay for the Baby-Boomers. Sorry America, there will not be retirement. It will be impossible for us to retire; we aren’t on the 45 year plan, we’re on the work-til-we-die plan. There is a way out, but we have to see it first. I’m talking about dreaming again, having vision. Let’s go back and think to the age of 9. We’re all former 9 year olds, agree? There wasn’t anything we couldn’t do–fireman, president, man on the moon–you name it; anything could of been done and nobody was going to get in our way. WHAT HAPPENED? I’ll tell you what happened to me. I was taught to go to school, study hard, get good grades, get a safe secure job, and that would determine my lifestyle. WRONG!!! I hit the age of 18 and started to share my dreams with everyone and the response I got was like a broken record saying, “C’mon Cory, GET REAL”. After hearing this over and over again I finally “got real”. The problem is very crucial right now because there is no such thing as “getting real” anymore. We have just shifted from the industrial age to the information age and there are new rules to follow. The only way to acheive success in today’s economy is to Define the lifestyle you want to live, DREAM, then Learn from someone who has the results we are looking for–it is then that we Do what they teach us. DEFINE>LEARN>DO=RESULTS. Now let’s think about this for a minute; if 95% of us are graphed on the U.S. DOL 45yr. Plan, what are the remaining 5% doing? Robert Kiyosaki explains this very well in his book titled Cash Flow Quadrant. As you can see there are two sides of the quadrant. On the left side, 95% of the U.S. population is either Employed or Self-Employed. These are the lucky ones we see fall on the 45 Year Plan and as sad as it may seem, they only control 5% of the wealth. As we look over at the right side of the quadrant, the remaining 5%, the Business Owners and Investors are controling 95% of the wealth. Let me rephrase this in simple terms. On the left we have 19 people standing in line fighting for $1.00, and on the right side we have 1 person collecting $19.00 wondering why there is so much commotion going on in the other line– catch my drift? If you are Employed or Self-Employed, Kiyosaki says you are on a fixed income. They both have this in common. You are trading the most valuable asset you have–TIME–for a fixed dollar amount. If you are Employed, you are told when to go to work, how many hours you work, and the amount of money you will recieve. If you are Self-Employed, you are taking on all the risk, you are putting in more time for not always more money, and you are the last one to get paid if there’s even enough money left over. Now I’m not saying these people are dumb, these are very smart people– doctors, lawyers, accountants– but they can only get paid for the amount of time they put into their professions. TIME=MONEY. You can’t have both. The right side of the quadrant is obviously very different. I’m not necessarily going to talk about investing–there will be another time for that. Basically, if you want to be a successful investor, you would have to be able to play the game with $250,000.00, lose it tomorrow, and play the game again the next day without changing your lifestyle. That is not me and statistics tell me that’s not 95% of America either. I’m going to talk about a B-Business. People who have a B-type business develop a SYSTEM and develop PEOPLE, then they leverage the system to create an ongoing, passive, residual income. The SYSTEM generates the income. Take a look at Ray Kroc, the owner of the McDonald’s Franchise. Kroc was just an old milk shake machine saleman and he came across the McDonald’s brothers in California in the 1950’s. Franchising at this time was 7 votes out of the senate from being illegal, but Ray revolutionized it. Ray Kroc had a BIG DREAM. He was a visionary. He tried to go into business with the McDonald’s brothers but they didn’t see it like he did. You see, Kroc was an entreprenuer; an entreprenuer looks for a problem in something, figures out the solution to the problem, takes out the bad, then impliments the good. Kroc bought out the McDonald’s brothers, franchised McDonalds with a duplicatable system and then he taught people how to operate the system by investing his interest in the business owner to help them win–and in return, winning himself. Kroc said that he’d sell his franchise, and in return wanted 1 penny per hamburger. Kroc made 12 people millionaires before he became one but we of course know the rest of that story. In the time it takes me to type this whole post, the Kroc family is making millions of dollars. What if you could get a big dream like Kroc, a dream so big that nothing could get in your way? What if you then had the best shift in information to take advantage of the biggest transformation of wealth in history… COULD YOU DO IT…?? Stay tuned


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